Growing up my Grandma Ginny had quite the reputation for baking. Her cakes and cookies were coveted by family, neighbors, and co-workers. One of my favorite recipes were her honey cookies. The rich and sweet honey combined with cinnamon gave these cookies a unique rich flavor that I cherished growing up. These rarely made it to the cookie jar. The recipe was past along in the family and still enjoyed to this day.

After moving to the island of Martha’s Vineyard in 2007 with my wife we feel in love with the community. I was particularly drawn to amazing farming industry on the island and longed to be part of it. As a father now of 3 kids I also wanted to the means to teach my kids about business, where our food comes from, and what it means to work. So when news spread of the declining population of honeybees in the United States, but the ever rising demand of honey, an idea was born. What was once a small yard of just 2 hives has now grown into a fun family endeavor of 20 hives.