Beehive Tours

Come along shoulder to shoulder with a beekeeper from the family owned Ginny Bee Honey Farms and explore the secret life of bees. With a small group of just 10 people suit up in bee protective clothing and become a beekeeper for an hour. Our tours are setup to teach you about the amazing world of bees and how valuable they are to the food we eat. You’ll assist a beekeeper in finding the queen, measuring honey production, identifying pollen storage, monitoring bee life cycles, and auditing honeycomb production. With such a hands-on tour you'll come away after just an hour with an experience that not many others have brag about It’s a great tour for those thinking about getting into beekeeping or those just curious to learn where their honey comes from. Tour concludes with a taste test of organic honey the Island bees have worked so hard to make. Make sure to bring your cameras as there will be plenty of photo opportunities. 

Tours are open for ages 8 and up. All participants will be provided with a bee protective jacket, veil, and gloves. Those attending the tour are encouraged to wear comfortable closed toe shoes and jeans.